Tending a CNC Machine - Case Study of Denz

Robot automation can take over many manual work steps in production. Such solutions enable companies to increase manufacturing capacities and to enable efficient work. Here is how it worked for Fräzisions-Entwicklung DENZ Fertigungs-GmbH:

December 1, 2022
Franziska Herrmann
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Loading and Unloading of a CNC Lathe with Denz

Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ Fertigungs-GmbH from Ottobrunn uses Robco’s automation solution to tend an OKUMA SIMULTURN LU300-M with parts in small series. The starting point for the automation solution was a multistage manual process for loading and unloading a CNC lathe. Robco managed to solve the requirements as follows:

  • Defined supply of the parts through an additional clipboard
  • Machine communication through an additional button pushers and via relays.
  • No need for an automatic door due to the possibility of opening doors with the robot.

Robco’s automation solution enabled Denz to increase the manufacturing capacities and to implement an additional robot shift overnight. The robot took over exhausting manual tasks from employees, so they could focus on the other tasks like quality control. A 5 degree-of-freedom robot was sufficient to do work and therefore more cost-efficient.

Fast and flexible deployment:

Robco’s Modular Industrial Robots

Our all-in-one robot solution takes over a multitude of work steps in production. Thanks to the modular configuration, Robco robots can be assembled exactly according to the individual requirements and easily modified for various applications.

"The Robco team was always available to answer questions. The personal contact was especially convincing."

Dr. Till Vogels, Managing Director at Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ Fertigungs-GmbH

Use Cases & Technical Data

Our robots can be individually assembled with up to 8 modules. Depending on the configuration, the robot has a payload up to 20kg and reach a customizable range of up to 2m. The repeatability is 0.1mm and the velocity is 2m/s. Our robots are certified according to IP54 protection class and EN ISO 13849-1:2015.The application areas for Robco robots are mainly machine tending, pick & place, palletizing, or dispensing.

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