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Our modular robot kit offers an easy to use and software-based automation solution for the industrial manufacturing.

Robotics-solutions as a service

Fast & simple robot deployment
to overcome labor shortage

Full transparency of your productivity 
with IoT connected robots

Return on Invest of 30 days with our simple robot solution

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Deploy automation solutions with unheard of speed and ease of use.

Benefit from the combination of proprietary hardware, software and integration

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Digital animation and testing

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Robots for business:
Investing in the future with RobCo

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine industry without robot automation. More and more companies are using robots to optimize their production processes and make them more efficient. Not only the technology and software of the robots play an important role, but also the service offered by the manufacturer. In this context, as a German company for robots, we provide a flexible alternative to other manufacturers with our modular robot technology, including self-programmed software. On request, we even provide our service as a rental model.

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Robots in the workplace:
Individual, automated and future-proof.

Automation with robots in workplaces: This is the future

The development of robots and artificial intelligence has made enormous progress in recent years, and the use of robots to automate processes in companies is expected to increase even further in the future.

To optimally configure a robotic arm for a specific application area, several factors must be considered. These include the type of tasks to be performed, the required precision and speed, and the weight - all of which influence the optimal composition of the robot arm.

Our robotics company from Munich offers you solutions tailored to your area of application for your very individual robot automation. Here, you not only have the choice between various prefabricated configurations, but can also configure your robot completely from scratch yourself.

Individual configuration for specialized companies

At RobCo, we offer you the right solution for robot automation. Where before there were only limited possibilities for the individual configuration of robot arms, we are able to go beyond these limits.

Our robots offer you the possibility to assemble your robot exactly as you actually need it. This allows you to determine exactly which components are to be installed and in what quantity and thickness they are required. This is a great advantage when it comes to machine loading, for example, because most robotics companies supply 6- to 7-axis robots as standard. RobCo, on the other hand, can provide a solution tailored to your application with the actual number of axes needed. By allowing our customers to purchase only what they actually need, they can achieve significant savings - sometimes even in the mid four-digit range.

Software for robots
in the workplace

RobCo, as a robotics company, stands for technological progress and development. While most robots have operating systems that are considered obsolete and comparable to Windows XP, our collaborative robots are fully networked. Our self-programmed no-code software meets current IOT standards and is also very easy to program.

During development, we were always careful to create a program that did not require any programming knowledge to "teach" it. This makes it possible to adapt a program in just a few minutes or hours, or even to teach a new component to be integrated into the machine. In this way, your robot automation can be easily carried out without the need for additional personnel with programming skills.

Robots for business:
Safe robot automation

Robot automation of processes is a significant challenge for many companies to master. For this reason, in addition to a purchase option, we also offer a rental model as a complete solution.

The rental fee includes all services, including maintenance, insurance and financing costs. Our rental model offers you financial flexibility and lowers the risk for customers who have not yet fully converted to automation with robots.

Use cases

Automate almost any simple task

Digital integration process ALLOWS

Deployment in less than 1 day

Robco digital integration

Digital integration

  • RobCo's Automation Guide proposes the best robot setup based on client centric, easy to use guide
  • Virtual training based on lidar scan of real production environment
  • End-to-end turnkey solution
  • Deployment in less than 1 day due to pre-programmed robots

Plug & Produce

  • Modular hardware kit based on 3 sizes allows for mass customization
  • No-code software enables clients for self deployment and adjustments throughout lifecycle
  • Flexibility for customers through module change within lifecycle
Configuration full process image

Cloud-based platform

  • True IoT connectivity allows for cloud-based analytics and interfaces
  • Over-the-air services diminishing capital-intensive field service teams
  • Downtime protection through predictive maintenance
  • Connect to ERP and MES systems

Technical Specifications

modularity combine icon
Combine up to 8 modules
Weight icon
Payload up to 35 kg
Velocity icon
max. Velocity 2m/s
Range icon
Customizable range up to 2m
Repeatability icon
Repeatability 0,1 mm
Safety icon
IP54 Protection Class

Robot Company:
Performance by RobCo

At RobCo, the focus is on quality and origin. Our robots for companies are not only developed in Germany, but also produced and assembled here. We only work with reputable suppliers to ensure that our customers reliably receive the best possible performance.

Overall, we strive to make robot automation accessible to everyone by providing innovative technologies and unmatched service. Let us work together to develop your robotic automation solution and lead you to a successful future. Contact us for advice on your custom robot configuration or to get an initial quote on our rental model!

Frequently asked questions

Is robotic automation
the future?

Robots already play an important role in many companies today and will continue to play an increasingly important role in the future. They can be used in production to automate and optimize work processes. By using robots, companies can increase their efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and improve the quality of their products and services.

For which companies are
robots an advantage?

Robots can be used efficiently not only in large, but also in small and medium-sized enterprises. In general, robots are well suited for manufacturing industries. At the top of the list here is the metalworking industry. Robots can also be of great benefit to companies involved in logistics and packaging or palletizing.

Why are robots in the workplace
the right solution for you?

RobCo is an established German company that manufactures robots for industrial purposes. Our robots are developed, produced and assembled in Germany and we can therefore offer you a close and reliable service. The components of our robots come from reputable suppliers, which allows us to assure you the highest quality.

Become one of our happy customers

Stephan Pertl
Managing Director at Evocut GmbH & Co. KG
The RobCo robots can be flexibly adapted to suit our orders - regardless of whether they are handling 10 millimetre plastic parts or 10 kg aluminium parts.
Benjamin Kratz
Managing Director at perfecdos GmbH
Thanks to RobCo's modular concept, we were able to put together the right robot for our application in no time and save more than €25,000 annually.
Dr. Till Vogels
Managing Director at Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ Fertigungs-GmbH
The RobCo team was always available to answer questions. The personal contact was especially convincing.