Robot automation for industrial SMBs — Made in Germany

Our modular robot kit offers a cost-efficient automation solution for the industrial SMB sector.

Robot Rendering Modular Robco
Robot rendering RobcoRobot Rendering Robco

Who we are

Robco was founded in 2020, on a basis of many years of research at the industry-leading Chair for Robotics and AI at the Technical University of Munich

Our vision is to radically rethink how products are made – by diminishing repetitive tasks, increasing quality and scaling manufacturing output to the billions. Robco provides adaptable, affordable and connected full-stack robot automation solutions for repetitive manual worker tasks in industrial SMBs, based on our patented modular robotics platform.

In addition to the modular and intuitive assembly of our robot kit and the endless configuration possibilities, what makes them stand out is the unique software.
Based on the research results of the robotics chair at TU Munich, we have developed a software that enables the modules to understand which configuration they are currently in, and for which application they are being used. This guarantees the quick and easy plug & play application of our kit without complex programming or specialized staff.

We’ve assembled some of the brightest minds in robotics – an ambitious team of diverse backgrounds and talents. Backed by our investors and working in partnership with specialist suppliers and integrators, we’ve got the drive and expertise to redefine robotics.

Robco, Robots made in Germany, created by an international team.


We are pushing the boundaries of traditional robotics with a seasoned management board supported by the incredible drive, ambition and ingenious minds of our team

Roman Hoelzl
Founder & CEO
Paul Maroldt
Co-Founder & Head of Robot Engineering
Katharina Von Jan
Head of Operations
Constantin Dresel
Co-Founder & Head of Application Engineering
Dr. Tilman Tschoeke
Director Company Building
Fabian Ihl
Director Product Development
Seed, Early & Growth Stage Tech Investor
Early Stage Deep-Tech Investor
Kindred Capital
Pre-Seed & Seed Tech Investor
Freigeist Capital
Seed Deep-Tech Investor
Torsten reil photo
Torsten Reil
Co-founder & CEO of Helsing
Daniel Dines photo
Daniel Dines
Co-founder & CEO of UiPath
Christian Reber photo
Christian Reber
Co-founder of Interface
Niklas Jansen photo
Niklas Jansen
Co-founder of Interface
Benedikt Sauter photo
Benedikt Sauter
Founder of Xentral
Marcus Wolsdorf photo
Marcus Wolsdorf
Co-founder of HW Capital

... and with a supportive investor base of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts:
Torstein Reil, Daniel Dines, Bene Sauter, Christian Reber, Immo Rupf, Marcus Wolsdorf and Niklas Jansen