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Maximum flexibility, equipped with innovative safety functions.

Monitored speed

You can create several safety areas. If an employee enters this safe area, the speed of the robot is reduced. The robot stops completely in the red area. As soon as the employee leaves the red or orange area again, the robot continues its work without you having to take any action yourself. This monitoring is realized by external triggers such as a light barrier. This innovative, lean solution enables the automation solution in your production to operate as smoothly and safely as possible.

Virtual safety areas

Our robots only move through invisible barriers in the area defined by you and stop immediately if they enter the red zone. This enables the robot to fully perform its tasks and always move safely within the defined limits in virtual space. The robot performs its movement with the utmost precision, although it can approach the boundaries to within a few millimeters, it will not touch or break through them.
The rooms can be set up very easily in our intuitive software or by our experts.

Tool orientation

The tool that the robot picks up is always aligned in a certain direction - particularly important when drilling, when a screw is picked up and the sharp edge could injure someone.


Virtual security areas


Cartesian speed limit

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