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Safety Locking Device

The TR10 Lock safety locking device combines the best features of tried-and-tested technology: outstanding manipulation-proofing for the RFID technology that monitors the actuator, plus a high-strength, highly reliable mechanical locking mechanism. The sensor’s self-monitoring semiconductor outputs (OSSDs) can be cascaded and, thanks to a PL e performance level (EN ISO 13849), ensure maximum safety – for both door monitoring and locking monitoring.

Safety Equipment

The world’s smallest safety laser scanner – highly precise and extremely robust. The nanoScan3 from SICK advances the miniaturization of high-precision and extremely robust safety laser scanners.

Thanks to the low sensor height of 80 mm, even small automated guided vehicles (AGV) can be optimally equipped – and production and logistics can be automated in more versatile ways.


The STR1 RFID safety switch has monitored semiconductor outputs (OSSDs) and can be safely connected either individually or in series.It can be used for applications where a high level of manipulation protection is required. The sensor has three active sensor surfaces. The actuator comes in four different sizes. This allows the STR1 to offer maximum mounting flexibility.


Elektrischer Vakuum-Erzeuger

Schmalz ECBPMi is a vacuum generator with gripper for handling suction-tight workpieces, ready-to-connect handling set for easy assembly and commissioning (plug & work).

Wide range of applications thanks to interchangeable suction cups and saving of compressed air hoses due to purely electrical operation.

Combined Vacuum Ejector and Suction Cup (VGS™)

Piab Vacuum Ejector VGS™ – A product design where different suction cups are integrated with vacuum cartridges based on the patented COAX® technology. The “vacuum gripper” makes selection, sizing and installation of a vacuum system easier.

With a VGS™ you will enjoy the benefits of a more cost-efficient and reliable decentralized vacuum system.


Piab Kenos® represents a flexible solution for the handling manipulation of several products with different shapes, dimensions and porosity due to the double technology available. It is designed and optimized to be used in various applications e.g. packaging, wood, food etc.

Most of the gripping systems can be equipped with integrated vacuum generation or suitable for separated vacuum generation (Pump or Side channel blower).

2-Jaw Parallel Grippers

With GRIPKIT CR EASY, Weiss Robotics offers a gripping solution that significantly simplifies the entry into collaborative handling technology. The gripping parameters are set directly via the integrated USB interface. Benefit from reliable gripping technology at attractive conditions.

2-Jaw Parallel Grippers

Zimmer GEP2000 Series: Do you require a large stroke, due to the fact that you are operating either a form fit gripper or a large range of parts but the installation space and the load capacity of your application is limited? Then this gripper is perfect for you!Simple activation: control the gripper by means of I/O ports.

Magnetic Gripper

Schunk electro-permanent magnet gripper for energy-efficient handling of ferromagnetic workpieces with integrated electronics and feedback function.

Universal compact gripper for large diversity of parts in clean to slightly contaminated work environment.

Electrical Vacuum Generator

Schmalz ECBPi is an intelligent electrical vacuum generator for handling airtight and slightly porous workpieces.It has an integrated interface for controlling and monitoring the handling process.The gripper is designed for use in mobile robotics, fully automated small parts handling and stationary handling tasks.

2 Jaw Parallel Grippers (Electrical)

Zimmer GEP5000 Series, aproximately the same gripping force as a comparable pneumatic gripper. Self locking mechanism in case of power drop. Same connection hole patterns as a comparable pneumatic gripper.

Plug and play – single-cable solution, supports incredibly easy control using I/O signals or IO-Link Integrated ACM control module - option of configuring gripping force, travel time and switching points.

2 Jaw Parallel Gripper (Pneumatic)

Gimatic SZ Series. Double-acting drive, available with normally closed spring on request. Self-centering mechanism with various mounting and feeding options.

Optional magnetic sensors. FDA-H1 food-grade grease, and stainless steel jaws.

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