Industry-X – New Concepts for the use of robots

Discover how you can increase your manufacturing productivity and flexibility with smart manufacturing, AI and modular robots in our free white paper "Industry-X - New concepts for the use of robots".


Are you looking for new concepts for the use of robots in your manufacturing? RobCo and T-Systems offer you valuable insights in this free whitepaper "Industry-X – New Concepts for the use of robots". Learn how you can achieve higher productivity and flexibility in your manufacturing through smart manufacturing.

Discover how you can combine flexibly deployable and modular robots with Artificial Intelligence to optimize your production. Our whitepaper shows how plug-and-play robot automation connects modular, networked, and affordable robots with digital components. It utilizes open architectures and no-code platforms to enable IoT functionality, predictive maintenance, and transparent production.

You will find answers to questions like:

  • What can smart robots be used for?
  • What added value is created by Artificial Intelligence?
  • What role do open architectures play?

Download our whitepaper now and discover new ways to optimize your manufacturing and enhance your competitiveness.