Lathe automation quick & easy

Use our RobCo solution to automate your existing lathes

From 990€ per month

Commissioning within 24 hours

Use case illustration Lathe Turning

80% time saving

for your skilled workers through automation

From day 1

through rental model and 0€ investment

Full flexibility

Robot adapts to your needs. It is adaptable at any time due to its modularity

Maximum uptime

With us, hardware and software come from a single source. We can connect to your robots and carry out maintenance.

Everything from a single source:
Fast, simple, and flexible.

Tired of the shortage of skilled workers?

  • You have problems finding employees?

  • Your few valuable professionals are wasting their time on simple, repetitive tasks?

  • Your multi-stage process at your machine seems too complicated for automation?

Empty shopfloor

CNC lathes
automated quickly & easily

The automation of CNC lathes and CNC milling machines with robots is an important development in the manufacturing industry. By integrating robots, simple operations can be automated to optimize companies' production processes and increase efficiency. As a robotics company, we will teach you how to work with robots so that your company can also safely and sustainably enter advanced manufacturing.

Digitale Integration Allows

10x faster deployment
than the industrial standard

Robco digital integration

Digital Integration

  • RobCo's Automation Guide proposes the best robot setup based on client centric, easy to use guide
  • Virtual training based on lidar scan of real production environment
  • End-to-end turnkey solution
  • Deployment in less than 1 day due to pre-programmed robots

Plug & Produce

  • Modular hardware kit based on 4 sizes allows for mass customization
  • No-code software enables clients for self deployment and adjustments throughout lifecycle
  • Flexibility for customers through module change within lifecycle
Configuration full process image

Cloud-based Platform

  • True IoT connectivity allows for cloud-based analytics and interfaces
  • Over-the-air services diminishing capital-intensive field service teams
  • Downtime protection through predictive maintenance
  • Connect to ERP and MES systems

CNC lathes:
Automated, adaptable, efficient.

CNC lathes

Automated solutions can already be found in many companies and they will continue to become more widespread in the future. Automation is possible not only for new CNC lathes, but also for existing machines. Companies that have CNC milling machines in use have in most cases already had machine equipment for several years.

Thanks to our adaptable concepts, it is possible to combine our modern automation solutions with your CNC lathes already in use in the company.

This means that your CNC lathes already in use do not have to be replaced, which saves additional costs.

Adaptable solutions
for CNC milling machines

Modularity allows our robots to adapt to any circumstances - and in the shortest possible time.  Since you configure our robots from scratch according to your individual needs, integration into existing systems and machines - including CNC lathes and CNC milling machines - is made much easier. For example, they have a large number of open interfaces through which you can easily create different program modules. Manufacturers of camera systems or grippers, for example, can dock onto these interfaces and integrate these functions into the system. Even after the integration of our robot into the sequence of CNC turning machines and CNC milling machines made of metal, it is still adaptable.

Thus, depending on the requirements, the robot arm can be adapted by exchanging the RobCo modules in order to increase the payload or reach.

Work efficiently
on the CNC milling machine

Particularly due to the shortage of skilled workers, the automation of simple work processes, such as the machine loading of a milling lathe, is increasingly coming to the fore. Work processes can be made much easier and faster with the use of robots on the milling machine. For example, our automated solutions can take over the repetitive tasks of your employees so that they can be used for more demanding tasks.

By using automated processes, companies can thus increase the efficiency and accuracy of their production. Combined with our robots, CNC milling machines can produce large quantities of products in a short time without sacrificing quality. Since our robots are very precise, errors can be avoided and the quality of the products can be improved.



More production capacity, e.g. through additional robots night shift


Investment and immediate amortization through rental model


Time saving in maintenance due to modularity and remote maintenance

Maximum uptime
on your CNC milling machine

When developing our robots, including our no-code software, we put great emphasis on ensuring that the overall product, once in use, is particularly easy to maintain and service. Our highly advanced robot software makes it possible for us to perform remote maintenance on your robot and provide you with remote support. For this reason, no specialized personnel are needed to program the robot.  Even if the motor is worn out, it is possible to replace the motor within a few minutes without the help of a service technician. Robots can be perfectly used in an additional night shift to maximize productive time on the CNC lathe or CNC milling machine.

Frequently asked questions

Why use robots
with CNC lathes?

The use of robots on CNC lathes enables full automation of the manufacturing process. As a result, errors can be minimized and production can run faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, with the use of robots, companies can reduce labor costs and increase productivity. As a result, you can increase your competitiveness and improve your profit margins.

Do you need programming skills to automate CNC milling machines?

Normally, programming knowledge is necessary for the integration of automation solutions. Our robots are designed in such a way that they can be trained for new components even by untrained personnel without any problems. Of course, the respective employee should be familiar with the operation and function of the machine, because only then can the machine be operated safely and effectively.

Is it safer to work with robots for CNC lathes??

By using robots, dangerous or unhealthy work can be kept away from humans. This can reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Robots can also easily take on long and strenuous night shifts. They can perform precise and repetitive movements for long periods of time without becoming tired or unfocused. RobCo robots are equipped with additional safety peripherals. For example, protective fences or laser scanners are used for solutions without physical enclosures.

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