Automate -
almost any manual task

Our modular robot kit offers a cost-efficient automation solution for the manufacturing sector.

Due to our modular robot kits,
we offer solutions for a variety of applications

Our All-in-One robot kit allows you to automate various work steps in your production, increasing efficiency and supporting employees. Our robots don’t take up a lot of space and can be easily integrated into your existing production.

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Advantages of production automation
Making production lines fit for the future

The introduction of production automation offers companies an ideal solution to optimize production processes in the long term. Thanks to our expertise in robotics, you can automate your production to increase production speed and maximize output while minimizing downtime. Automating manual and repetitive tasks allows your company to increase not only the productivity of your production, but also the employee satisfaction of your team. Processes that can be automated include:

Tired of the shortage of skilled workers?

  • Machine tending

  • Palletizing

  • Dispensing

  • Bin Picking

  • Welding

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By automating many processes in production (especially those that are repetitive or have a high risk of injury), you enable your employees to take on more qualitative tasks and thus also strengthen employee loyalty. In this way, production automation is an effective strategy for optimizing workflows and increasing competitiveness.

Safety and profitability in
production automation

The implementation of production automation requires certain safety precautions. If you are interested in automating your production, we ensure at all times that your robot solutions comply with applicable standards and regulations and that safety techniques such as barriers and light barriers are implemented. In addition, the execution of a comprehensive risk assessment prior to commissioning ensures the safe use of the robotic solutions. In addition, we offer an affordable and profitable way to integrate production automation into your business. Our flexible rental options completely eliminate initial investment costs, while ensuring long-term profitability by increasing efficiency and productivity. As a result, our automation solutions represent an investment not only in advanced production technology, but also in the long-term financial health of the business.

Production automation with RobCo
Efficient, safe, reliable

Production automation is revolutionizing the way companies handle their production processes - optimizing them on multiple levels. Not only can the use of robots in production automation increase efficiency and productivity, but less obvious factors such as reduced risk of injury and improved product quality also make a clear case for integrating robots into your production lines. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, production automation can additionally serve as a solution for unfilled positions. As a specialist for production and machine automation, we will be happy to assist you in offering individual concepts that are optimally suited to your company.

Customized concepts for your
production automation

RobCo stands for individually adaptable systems for production automation in all industries. Our solution concepts offer you a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to adapt to changing production requirements and processes. Your modular robot system can be programmed by you for a new process within a very short time and without any programming knowledge - our team of experts will be happy to assist you should you need support. In addition, the networked solution enables predictive maintenance, where potential signs of wear can be detected at an early stage and the affected module can be replaced quickly and easily. The modularity and connectivity of RobCo solutions also make them attractive for contract manufacturers with small batches and offer cost-efficient production automation for any company. Discover how your production lines can be optimized with RobCo's customizable and innovative solutions - your cost-effective, safe and flexible solution for more efficiency and productivity. Our sales team is happy to discuss your production automation options with you. Feel free to contact us!

Digitale Integration Allows

10x faster deployment
than the industrial standard

Robco digital integration

Digital Integration

  • RobCo's Automation Guide proposes the best robot setup based on client centric, easy to use guide
  • Virtual training based on lidar scan of real production environment
  • End-to-end turnkey solution
  • Deployment in less than 1 day due to pre-programmed robots

Plug & Produce

  • Modular hardware kit based on 4 sizes allows for mass customization
  • No-code software enables clients for self deployment and adjustments throughout lifecycle
  • Flexibility for customers through module change within lifecycle
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Cloud-based Platform

  • True IoT connectivity allows for cloud-based analytics and interfaces
  • Over-the-air services diminishing capital-intensive field service teams
  • Downtime protection through predictive maintenance
  • Connect to ERP and MES systems

Frequently asked questions

What is
Production automation?

Production automation refers to the use of robots and automated systems in industrial manufacturing processes. By integrating these systems, efficiency, productivity, and product quality are increased so that resources can be used elsewhere.

What are the benefits of production automation?

By automating production, work processes in production lines can be improved, production speed increased and downtime minimized. Through production automation, repetitive and dangerous tasks can be carried out, while employees can focus on more qualitative tasks — this also increases employee satisfaction.

How can production automation
increase profitability in the company?

By implementing solutions for production automation, companies can increase their efficiency and productivity — and therefore profitability — in the long term. RobCo offers flexible rental options, which completely eliminate initial investment costs. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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