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Interested in taking your business to the next level with an automation solution and measurably increasing your productivity?

Our team of experts is here to help you through every step of implementing an automated solution.

The process begins with a dedicated initial analysis of your requirements. This is where we rely on your help - once you have completed our checklist, we review your use case for technical feasibility. After an initial assessment, we will visit you on site, documenting the actual situation of the process with photos, videos and 3D scans. Our team will then develop a concept proposal and you will find out whether automation is worthwhile for you.

Depending on your needs, you can buy our solution or rent it without a down payment to protect your liquidity.

Solution Engineering

Once you are satisfied with our initial concept, we move on to the second phase. Our engineers will discuss your specific requirements with you to determine the optimal robot configuration for your application.

In this phase, our experts will review the initial concept and work with you to record a detailed list of requirements. During this process, potential challenges and risks will also be identified and solutions will be developed. Based on the requirements list, our team will develop a detailed automation concept that takes all technical details into account. Part of the automation concept is also a detailed safety concept, which considers all relevant safety aspects of the application to ensure the highest level of safety for man and machine. To enable smooth integration of the robot into your existing infrastructure, the interface for machine-robot communication is created and reviewed.

Once all planning is complete, we will provide you with a personalized quote for your final solution that transparently summarizes all technical details, schedule and costs for you.

Implementation & training

Once you are satisfied with the offer and project planning, we start the commissioning of your automation solution.

We guarantee a comprehensive end-to-end experience - our engineers will present your customized solution and the final project schedule will be agreed upon. During our agreed one-day commissioning, we train you on our intuitive no-code software and give you a thorough introduction to the operation of the robot.

Thanks to the simplicity of our software, you do not need any previous programming knowledge. In addition, our modular hardware allows you to attach or modify parts yourself in a very short time. This gives you full control over your automation solution while saving you time and resources.


As promised, we are also there to support you beyond commissioning.

Included in the purchase or rental price is a comprehensive service package that includes a defined update process, regular reports and a remote service that provides you with active support. With our unique modular automation solution, we enable you to flexibly replace individual modules yourself. If a failure is foreseeable, we can send you a replacement part at an early stage thanks to our remote service, thus minimizing downtime. Our experts are always available to answer your questions and help you optimize your processes.

We are aware that uninterrupted production is a top priority for your company. Therefore, we ensure that our automation solution offers the highest reliability and availability.

Kunden und Partner

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Learn more about the customer projects

Mechanical Engineering

Success Story with perfecdos: Dispensing

perfecdos GmbH from the greater Munich area (Oberhaching) specializes in solving individual and highly demanding dosing tasks. They develop, manufacture and sell powerful microdosing systems that are used in industry to apply, fill and dose all types of liquids according to requirements and processes.


Wood processing

Success story with wodewa: Wood Processing

wodewa GmbH, based in Germany, manufactures high-quality saw veneers, wooden privacy screens for double rod fences, wall paneling, acoustic panels and wooden lamps. In order to ensure high product quality, the company is paying more attention to reliable production processes.


Food and beverage manufacturing

Success Story with DE-VAU-GE: Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency

The company DE-VAU-GE has been producing delicious and versatile foods since its founding in 1899. Today, it is one of the largest manufacturers of crispy breakfast cereals, delicious muesli, alternative drinks and a diverse range of bars in Europe, the USA and Australia. In particular, DE-VAU-GE is a partner of the European food trade for exclusive brands (private label).



Success Story with Brecht: Reduce Costs and Reduce Idle Time

Brecht GmbH has started operating in 1990 and been working ever since according to the motto “let's do it". The company therefore focuses on complex and high-precision CNC turned, CNC milling and CNC waterjet cutting parts as well as additive manufacturing.


Industrial engineering

Success Story with Frank Präzisionsstelle: Increasing Machine Capacity

Frank Präzisionsteile GmbH produces a wide range of milled and turned parts for various industries, including aerospace, mechanical engineering and medical technology. The company, founded in 1980 in Mundelsheim, uses cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and highly qualified employees who ensure the best possible quality.


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