Success Stories of Our Customers

Hundreds of well-known companies already rely on our automation solutions. Read our success stories and find out how our modular robots are revolutionising efficiency and productivity in a wide range of industries, from machine tending to palletizing and bin picking. Let us inspire you and see how we support industrial companies in achieving their goals.

Brecht GmbH has started operating in 1990 and been working ever since according to the motto “let's do it". The company therefore focuses on complex and high-precision CNC turned, CNC milling and CNC waterjet cutting parts as well as additive manufacturing.

Success Story with Brecht: Reduce Costs and Reduce Idle Time


  • Machine utilization has increased by three to four times since implementation
  • The monthly costs remain fixed, regardless of whether the robot is in use for 0 hours or an infinite number of hours
  • The ability to let the robot work autonomously at night significantly reduced personnel costs
Gordian Hellstern
Managing Director
Thanks to RobCo, we can multiply our machine utilisation rates and thus offer attractive hourly rates for series parts on the market. Thanks to the option of multiple zero points, RobCo can be used flexibly on different machines. This leads to cost savings during retooling.
The company DE-VAU-GE has been producing delicious and versatile foods since its founding in 1899. Today, it is one of the largest manufacturers of crispy breakfast cereals, delicious muesli, alternative drinks and a diverse range of bars in Europe, the USA and Australia. In particular, DE-VAU-GE is a partner of the European food trade for exclusive brands (private label).
Food and beverage manufacturing

Success Story with DE-VAU-GE: Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency


  • The number of workers required per shift was reduced
  • Each robot used can reduce costs per shift and pay for itself within 6 months
  • RobCo's complete solution was delivered turnkey from a single source including CE approval
Martin Matern
Plant Manager Lüneburg
With a comprehensive RobCo automation solution in palletizing, we can actively address the ongoing shortage of skilled workers technologically and at the same time save costs.
Frank Präzisionsteile GmbH produces a wide range of milled and turned parts for various industries, including aerospace, mechanical engineering and medical technology. The company, founded in 1980 in Mundelsheim, uses cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and highly qualified employees who ensure the best possible quality.
Industrial engineering

Success Story with Frank Präzisionsstelle: Increasing Machine Capacity


  • Output increased from 90 parts per day to 140 parts per day/night
  • Capacity utilization was increased from around 8-10 hours to 24 hours
  • Improved business productivity and profitability
Ralf Wägerie
Managing Director
Overall, the implementation of RobCo has helped our company to increase its machine capacity and optimize production utilization. The flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency of the robotic solution have led to a significant improvement in operational processes. With RobCo, the company has found a cost-effective entry into automation that offers maximum flexibility and scalability.
perfecdos GmbH from the greater Munich area (Oberhaching) specializes in solving individual and highly demanding dosing tasks. They develop, manufacture and sell powerful microdosing systems that are used in industry to apply, fill and dose all types of liquids according to requirements and processes.
Mechanical Engineering

Success Story with perfecdos: Dispensing


  • 7.3 months to ROI
  • 4 axes instead of 6 axes
  • Increased cycle times and overnight operation
Benjamin Kratz
Managing Director
Thanks to RobCo's modular concept, we had put together the right robot for our application in no time at all.
wodewa GmbH, based in Germany, manufactures high-quality saw veneers, wooden privacy screens for double rod fences, wall paneling, acoustic panels and wooden lamps. In order to ensure high product quality, the company is paying more attention to reliable production processes.
Wood processing

Success story with wodewa: Wood Processing


  • Self-implemented RobCo robots by wodewa employees using the Automation Guide
  • The complete integration in just 10 days in total
  • Immediate ROI thanks to the rental model
Mario Schöbel
Owner & CEO
RobCo robots were the first choice for us. The unbeatable rental price and quick & easy deployment convinced us. Being able to implement automation and make adjustments ourselves gives me, as Managing Director, the opportunity to take the reins of my processes in my own hands.

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