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VDI Technik aufs Ohr: Legobaukasten für Roboter – wie sie die Industrie revolutionieren

August 10, 2022
Marco Dadomo, Sarah Janczura, & Roman Hölzl

This episode of "Technology on the Ear" is about the innovation of a start-up. Marco Dadomo and Sarah Janczura talk to Roman Hölzl, Co-founder and CEO of RobCo, dealing with the production of modular industrial robots. Here you can hear how the Lego kit for robots is revolutionizing the industry (In German).

Gute Geschäfte: Startups in Deutschland - Teil 1: Was Gründer für Finanzierung und Wachstum brauchen

July 20, 2022
Frank Thelen & Roman Hölzl

Startups are regarded as innovation drivers. Your ideas and your dynamism are important in order to successfully transform Germany as an industrial country. Investor Frank Thelen and Roman Hölzl, founder of the robotics start-up RobCo, discuss what the general conditions currently look like for them (In German).

Fabrik der Zukunft #077 Frank Thelens Investment in modulare Robotik für den Mittelstand

July 19, 2022
Frank Thelen & Roman Hölzl

Why is Frank Thelen investing in the robotics startup RobCo with Freigeist? Robots in medium-sized manufacturing companies are not yet a sure-fire success. In the podcast we discuss why this will change and what is decisive (In German).

Robotik in der Industrie: Robotik-Module von RobCo

March 14, 2022
Roman Hölzl & Marco Dutenstädter

Marco Dutenstädter has a new job at RobCo. We wanted to know why he changed and what is behind RobCo's robotic modules. We talk to the co-founder Roman Hölzl and Marco about the company's strategy (In German).

Startup DNA: Der Podcast mit Frank Thelen #034 RobCo: Unser neues Freigeist Investment

June 8, 2021
Frank Thelen & Roman Hölzl

Industry 4.0 is imminent, many large companies have already started to automate their production with robots. This has so far been denied to medium-sized companies. We talk to co-founder Roman Hölzl about his vision of making our SMEs fit for the future with his modular plug-and-play robots (In German).