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Use our RobCo solution to automate your existing laser engraving machines.

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80% time saving

for your skilled workers through automation

from day 1

through rental model and 0€ investment


Robot adapts to your needs. It is adaptable at any time due to its modularity.

Maximum uptime

With us, hardware and software come from a single source. We can connect to your robots and carry out maintenance.

Tired of skilled worker shortage?

  • You have problems finding employees?

  • Your few, valuable professionals spend too much time on simple, repetitive tasks?

  • Your manual processes or low or medium quantities could not be automated cost-efficiently until now?


Laser engraving machines:
Plug and Produce, automated, modular.

Laser engraving machine:
Plug and Produce with RobCo

Many companies are already using automated solutions for laser engraving machines and they will continue to spread in the future. Companies that have been using their machines for several years do not need to replace them to take advantage of automation. Due to adaptable concept, RobCo's modern automation solutions can be easily connected to existing laser engraving machines. Our robots are modular and can adapt to any situation.

Thanks to our no-code software, you can start up our robots completely on your own within 24 hours and adjust programs independently even after the fact. The option of subsequent module replacement ensures that your investment remains sustainable and flexible.

The advantages of automated laser engraving machines

One advantage of automated processes is that the results are permanently of the same quality and there are no deviations between the individual products. If a machine repeats the same task, the results are usually always consistent and of constant quality, without deviations. So with one machine, companies can achieve higher quality and consistent results. Robots can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without getting tired or unfocused. Night shifts in particular are no problem for them. The total production time is thus shortened and the delivery time for customers is reduced. In addition, automated robots for laser engraving machines help to increase safety, as they can take on dangerous and heavy work that would be too dangerous for human operators. This also prevents injuries and accidents in the workplace.

Applications for the modular robot kit

RobCo robots can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, they are very suitable for integration with CNC laser machines for metal. Laser engraving machines often involve very precise work where millimeter-accurate results are required. Here, the use of automated processes can be of great advantage. A robot can perform such a task with guaranteed speed and precision. By using automated processes, companies can deploy their skilled personnel in more appropriate places, rather than having employees spend hours monitoring laser engraving machines. This allows the company to better utilize its resources and focus on its core competencies.

Automate your LASER engraving MACHINE easily and flexibly with Robco

Commissioning in less than 1 day

Robco digital integration

Digital integration

  • In a virtual demo we create an offer together with you
  • End-to-end complete solution
  • Commissioning in one day thanks to pre-programmed robots

Plug & Produce

  • Modular robot kit based on 3 sizes allows maximum customisation
  • Configure your robot yourself thanks to no-code software and adjust it yourself afterwards with just a few clicks
  • Your investment remains lifetime thanks to flexibly changing use area through subsequent module exchange - no restrictions
Configuration full process image

Cloud-based platform

  • Full IoT connection enables cloud-based analytics and interfaces
  • Remote service is easy on your budget, as there is usually no need for a service team on site 
  • Reduce downtime through predictive maintenance
  • Complete integration into ERP and MES systems



More production capacity, e.g. through additional robots night shift


Investment and immediate amortisation through rental model


Time saving in maintenance due to modularity and remote maintenance

Machine tending of the laser engraving machine

Machine loading of laser engraving machines can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially for large series production. Automation with robots offers a solution to this problem. These are capable of performing machine loading tasks quickly, accurately and efficiently. Automating laser engraving machines with robots offers companies a variety of benefits, such as increased productivity, precision and safety, reduced costs and high flexibility. By using automated robots, companies can optimize their manufacturing processes and become more competitive. Please feel free to contact us so that we can jointly develop an individual solution for the technical progress in your company.

Frequently asked questions

How can a robot simplify the machine loading of the laser engraving machine?

A robot can automatically transport materials, such as metal or plastic sheets, from a storage location or conveyor belt to the laser engraving machine. This reduces manual handling of materials and minimizes the risk of damage or contamination. A robot can precisely position the material so that it is in exactly the right position for the engraving process. This results in higher precision and quality of the engraving.

How is the robot adapted to the laser engraving machine?

Our robots consist of various modules that can be adapted by us exactly to the conditions of your production. This means that our automation solution can be optimally adapted to your existing machines. Our robots have an exceptionally small footprint and can thus be easily integrated.

What is a modular robot for laser engraving machines?

A modular robot is an all-in-one solution that can take over a variety of tasks in your company in the long term. Here, for example, you can specify the number of axes required, but also the necessary reach. In this way, you can simply reorder a wide variety of modules from us. You can install these modules yourself, and no programming knowledge is required for teaching.

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