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80% time saving

for your skilled workers through automation

from day 1

through rental model and 0€ investment


Robot adapts to your needs. It is adaptable at any time due to its modularity.

Maximale Uptime

With us, hardware and software come from a single source. We can connect to your robots and carry out maintenance

End-to-end solution from a single source:
‍Fast, simple, and flexible.

RobCo offers adaptable and cost-effective palletizers for smooth goods handling in various industries, including for example logistics, food processing and retail. Our advanced robotic automation solutions enable efficient and error-free palletizing - helping you increase productivity while saving valuable resources.

The precise carton handling of our palletizers provides you with a reliable solution for the efficient handling of cartons and packaging in your company. Benefit from our many years of experience and technical know-how, with which we provide you with palletizing solutions individually designed for the specific requirements of your business processes - and successfully lead your logistics into the future!

Tired of the shortage of skilled workers?

  • You have problems finding employees?

  • Your few, valuable professionals spend too much time on simple, repetitive tasks?

  • Your manual processes or low or medium quantities could not be automated cost-efficiently until now?


Palletizing in food industry

Food logistics company uses RobCo's modular robot to automate palletizing

Initial situation: manual process for palletizing packed food products which was a purely manual process upfront
Increasing efficiency and extremely fast ROI in <1 year
Potential to automate +20 additional conveyer belts
Employees can take over more value adding tasks instead of manual, repetitive and non-ergonomic work
Degrees of Freedom

Plug and produce, automated, modular.

Palletizers: Operation and advantages of automated palletizing systems

Our palletizers are designed to speed up goods handling and thus save resources such as working time and costs. By integrating automatic palletizers into your processes, you can minimize errors and effectively increase the accuracy of both goods handling. The advantages for you of using automatic palletizers are therefore obvious:

1.    Efficiency increase: By using automated palletizing, your company can increase efficiency by placing goods on pallets and stacking them more precisely and quickly than by hand.

2.    Versatility: Our robots can handle a variety of products, from cartons and packages to hard-to-grip boxes. This gives your company the flexibility to palletize different types of products without additional effort or special adjustments.

3.    Optimized product preparation: With the help of conveyor belts for automated staging of goods and the robot's ability to grab, reorient and palletize goods, workers are relieved and errors are minimized.

4.    Safe and stable palletizing: The goods are arranged according to a fixed palletizing pattern and a defined stacking technique, which increases the stability of the load and reduces the risk of transport damage.

5.    Use of intermediate layers: The ability to automatically apply interlayers between layers improves the stability and safety of palletized goods and minimizes the risk of damage.

6.    Special grippers for different goods: By using different types of grippers that can be individually adapted to the robot, your company can palletize a wide variety of products safely and efficiently.

7.    End of line packaging: Because palletizing occurs at the end of the production line, your company can make the entire production process more seamless and efficient, saving time and resources.

Palettizing from RobCo:
Efficiency and precision
for your business

Do you want to increase the speed and accuracy of your processes and reduce the risk of injury in the palletizing process?

RobCo automated palletizing systems are a reliable and highly efficient way to optimize your goods handling process for the conditions of the future.

Our palletizers allow you to have permanent availability and increase productivity, which is a significant advantage, especially in times of shortage of skilled workers. In this way, with a RobCo palletizer, you can use your resources wisely and expand production capacity without having to resort to more intensive shift models.

Another advantage: The precision and repeatability of our robots significantly increases process reliability in the palletizing process.

Automate your palletizing easily and flexibly with Robco

Commissioning in less than 1 day

Robco digital integration

Digital integration

  • In a virtual demo we create an offer together with you
  • End-to-end complete solution
  • Commissioning in one day thanks to pre-programmed robots

Plug & Produce

  • Modular robot kit based on 3 sizes allows maximum customisation
  • Configure your robot yourself thanks to no-code software and adjust it yourself afterwards with just a few clicks
  • Your investment remains lifetime thanks to flexibly changing use area through subsequent module exchange - no restrictions
Configuration full process image

Cloud-based platform

  • Full IoT connection enables cloud-based analytics and interfaces
  • Remote service is easy on your budget, as there is usually no need for a service team on site 
  • Reduce downtime through predictive maintenance
  • Complete integration into ERP and MES systems



More production capacity, e.g. through additional robots night shift


Investment and immediate amortisation through rental model


Time saving in maintenance due to modularity and remote maintenance

Flexibly adaptable palletizers:
Optimal solutions for your company

The modularity of our RobCo palletizing robots provides a versatile solution for various requirements, including end-of-line packaging and pick & place tasks. Our palletizers can be adapted to the specific needs of a company. They can be combined with a variety of grippers and conveyors to realize a wide range of palletizing pattern options.

This flexibility enables companies to efficiently increase their production output and meet individual requirements. In addition, the "Robflow" no-code software kit makes it easy to customize the palletizing robot without the need for prior programming knowledge. With an intuitive user interface, motion sequences and palletizing patterns can be easily configured to quickly respond to changing needs and optimize the robot's performance. The combination of modularity and no-code software makes our palletizers flexible and future-proof.

Let us advise you on our solutions - our team will find individual solution concepts especially for your company!

Frequently asked questions

Can a palletizer be integrated into existing processes?

Our palletizers are customized and integrated for your business processes by our specialized engineers.  Our software "Robflow" is able to connect assembly lines, ERP systems and safety technologies without any problems. In-house testing and comprehensive staff training guarantee seamless integration.

What are the advantages of a palletizer?

A palletizer speeds up the palletizing process, maximizes accuracy and quality, reduces waste, increases productivity and customer satisfaction, and enables faster-generating sales compared to manual palletizing.

What are the options for automatic palletizers?

Automatic palletizers offer a wide range of options - in addition to palletizing cardboard boxes, bulk goods can also be sorted, packed and palletized.  We identify the right gripper, matched to different surfaces and printings, for safe handling and ensure reliable operation through comprehensive testing. We would be pleased to advise you!

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